Overbridge Beta sign-up is now closed

Overbridge Beta sign-up is now closed. Thousands of thanks to all of you who applied. We will select applicants depending on which phase of the beta testing we are currently targeting. If selected, we will reach out by email when needed. Thanks again.

Oh boi

Is there any way to update the form? I just upgraded my system to Win10 and heard that those people are already starting to receive invites.

Where can i download the Overbridge beta version?

Did you apply to Elektron to join the beta testing program?
If so, did Elektron send you an email to say that you had been selected to participate?

How’s the beta so far fellas?

Its been good so far for me with A4mk1 and digitakt, still need to test reaper and cakewalk to make sure it’s all good there… have yet to test the audio out from the computer into the digitakt for direct sampling also.

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Damn! Lucky…

I really don’t understand why it isn’t an open beta given the diversity of setups and the lateness of the release.

I’m still waiting…

Windows Millenium Edition
Pentium 150MHz
32 MB of Random Access Memory!!!
400MB 1200 RPM with 20byte cashhh eh?
Running Cubase VST 5 from a jump drive (not enough hard drive space)

I can’t believe I wasn’t contacted??? :roll_eyes:
I mean I know it’s sort of a common setup these days but really!?


So any expected release date? Approx??

Yesterday, as @Airyck stated.

Sorry, did miss that?
Where did he say that? I know the beta testing is going on though

Eric, there is no ETA.


Cheers, totally missed that:)

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Never miss a Tuesday. Enjoy them all anyway. :slight_smile:

Of course there is… it’s Tuesday!


glad to see the progress in general but tbh my gut feeling told me the “beta” announcement was just buying time. it was a clever measure to calm the fires though, even if it feels tad disingenuous.
cant say i blame them either way, still a bad look.

How is it disingenuous? The driver is what they’re testing, and it has been really solid for me so far.

They did a public beta once before and they probably got slammed with support tickets. Was probably a logistical nightmare.

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