Overbridge, Big Sur, Logic… aggregate device?

I’ve had so many complications I’m afraid to try anything new once I’ve got things working, especially since OB is finally good in logic again… anyone know if I can set an aggregate device (2nd interface) in logic while streaming my AR via OB/usb? I’m genuinely afraid to even try it :grimacing:

If you’re on a Mac, Rogue Amoeba’s Loopback is like a pro version of device aggregation, plus more.

I use it even if I only want to use one USB audio interface, because it fools Ableton into thinking it’s always connected, so you don’t have to select input and output devices every time you launch it.

If you are using the AR through OB the whole idea is to not have to use an aggregate device.

You can set up an interface as normal and it’ll work independently from OB.

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