Overbridge Control Panel with Analog 4 mk 1

Hello all.
My first post probably asking obvious questions… Go easy on me please.

I’ve just bought a used Analog 4 mk1, updated firmware & and downloaded Overbridge.It appears to be working as it should but I only have the main editing screen.

Looking through the manual, there apprears to be a Control Panel.
I dont seem to have this. How do I find it?

Also, in Logic Pro X, I cant get it to run multiple tracks with different sounds. If I create a new track, Overbridge wont allow me to connect to the Analog 4.
It’s basically only playing one voice on one trackin Logic

did you look in the elektron folder for the standalone apps?
theres the elektron control panel app, near the place you might’ve found the analog 4 app…

this is standalone and not in logic.

Linking tracks together is a little strange in Logic, but it’s possible. To do this, you must use the environment in Logic. There you can connect your instrument tracks to the analog 4 instrument track.

In addition, you then have to adjust your channels on the instrument tracks according to the Analog 4 settings, e.g. Channel 1 Track 1 , Channel 2 Track 2 etc.

Or you can use an external midi channel in Logic. You need to select Analog 4 as Midi output destination and adjust the channels in Logic according to your Analog 4 settings. With this variant you can also record from Logic into the Analog 4 sequencer.

Thank you. I’ll try that & let you know how I get on.

I found it straight after I posted. Thank you.