Overbridge / Digitone - Sequencer notes not playing

I’ve just begun to use my Digitone over Overbridge. Up until now I haven’t really been integrating my DN with Ableton - just straight up recording audio over my interface. Now my goal is to maximize that - use the midi tracks for VSTs on Ableton, and record each synth track separately.

The issue I am having is that the notes I place on the DN sequencer are not producing sound. If I hold a note down, then it plays, but it seems like the sequencer is completely unresponsive, as once I record the note onto the DN sequencer, it no longer seems to trigger.

Currently only have the DN connected via USB and not midi.

Also, any tips or suggestions on making the most of overbridge DN/Ableton are appreciated, but of course seeking the answer to the issue I am having primarily.

Thanks in advance.

Is the Track muted?

DN only has 4 MIDI Tracks.

no not muted and made the edit

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Should be similar to this :