Overbridge, dry effects

Has anyone figured out how to use the onboard fx on digitone through Overbridge? It comes out dry and the onboard effects play a big role in my sound, especially for parameter locks… I use bitwig and alot of the devices are sweet but the parameter locks sound strange dry.

You’ve got your 4 tracks - that’s your 4 dry signals. And you have MAIN output - it can be configured either as master output or - more usefully - as an effects return (100% wet sound of all four tracks).

You can’t get individual tracks’ wet signals though - because there is only one send-return bus on the Digitone. I guess, if you want more control on the mixing stage, you can just record them separately.

Hope that helps.


Sweet, thank you… I hope they update ob to make this work eventually

Is there a way to configure the main hardware output and the main overbridge output differently? For example, on my A4 mk2 i’d like to be able to record all 4 tracks plus an fx only track using overbridge for multitracking, but have the normal 4 track + fx mix going out the a4 hardware main outs so i can monitor and further mangle the a4 overall signal via the OT. The way i think it’s set up now if you want to use OB for multitrack recording (with a separate clean fx track) but not monitoring then you have to have a giant hardware mixer to bring in your 4 individual tracks and the fx only channel together into a submix.

I am not sure I get your explanation :
I create 6 tracks that I can play with my midi key board.Each track of the digitone have 2tracks on logic : one midi and one audio. When I play, I hear the effects, but when it’s recorded I only have the dry signal. I guess the 2 last tracks on my daw from digitone are linked to effect,but I have no clue on how to record them

Thanks for your help