Overbridge Extreme Low Level Problem in MOTU Digital Performer pn PC

System: PC running 64 bit Windows 10
Analog Keys
Digital Performer - 64 bit

Have been using Overbridge with my Analog Keys in Ableton (64 bit) with no issues.
I’ve got a film scoring project, and have switched to Digital Performer as it works a little better for me when working with video.

I’ve got all my Native Instruments plugins set up and working great, a few external synths set up and working great - but when attempting to add Overbridge AK tracks, the level is VERY low. Even if I go into OB and boost the amp and track volumes all the way, I can’t get anywhere near to level of the other tracks.

Didn’t have this problem in Ableton Live, so it could be stupid user error and I’ve got something configured wrong.
Suggestions? Advice?


I gave up until somebody comes up with a solution.
Switched all audio routing in the plugin off, and am using the analog outs for audio. now.

It is often suggested to have audio inputs hit -18dBFS on a daw input meter, with peaks up to -6. Using 24bit recording this allows great signal and plenty of headroom. Software instruments are often extremely hot and come close to hitting 0 on the meters. Is this the case? If so it is perfectly fine and in fact recommended by production engineers to turn down the software instruments to mix instead of trying to boost something past -18.

Everything else is hitting average -12 or so, with peaks around -6. I’m not trying to max everything out here!
AK in Overbridge is way under that, and impossible to up to a level that even closely matches anything else.
Using the analog outs is working great, and probably using less CPU cycles too!