Overbridge feature requests thread

The possibility to record all my A4 tracks using just a USB cable, is more then could ask for, but if that can expanded, why not?

  1. Being able to record all for tracks (check) plus audio inputs. (On a separate channel)
    That would allow me to record A4 plus Slim Phatty while it is sequenced with CV. Awesome!!!

  2. Monitoring and playing sounds with effects on them, but recording WITHOUT them.
    In the same time.
    A neat trick from Presonus VSL.
    That would allow me to add my own in a later mixing with DAW. Less awesome!
    Because i prefer the first feature over the latter.

Thanks Elektron!

I think i’ve heard elektron say that the interface is 1 stereo input and 1 stereo output only. You can solo/mute tracks to record individually.

If its only a 1 in/1 out recording interface, i really see no point in creating Overbridge. 99,9% of elektron owners have some interface/recorder.

I used to do that. Create tracks, solo and record each…
I dont need Overbridge for that.

I tought Overbridge would replace 4 stereo outputs on Keys.

Ill also believe this could enable us to record 4 tracks simultaneously. Elektron is not gonna make pointless updates. Or thats my expirience so far.

Fingers crossed.

Please enable sending the sequencer’s midi data to DAW! This is a vital feature for me.


Let it be rtas or wrapper compatible. Also hoping I don’t have to upgrade my pro tools from ver 7. That would be cool.

I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s all about.

No.1 feature request:

A4/Rytm appear as MIDI out devices in DAW (Ableton). Why shouldn’t they be able to pass MIDI from the DAW to their MIDI Out ports via Overbridge?

Send midi data (Ableton to Rytm/A4) and recording the audio inputs will be great!

i don’t think it will happen. if i remember correct elektron staff has stated that the Midi ports aren’t connected to the USB ports in any way. so Midi ports can only handle internal Midi. that’s why unfortunately the Elektron hardware can’t be used as a Midi interface. software updates won’t help because the hardwire connection just isn’t there.

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hmmm that’s what I already do (scenes and pattern change) and it works as ususal before OB. This tip came from a friendly user here, no idea where the thread had been gone: create a seperate midi track and route midi to the AR’s input port in LIVE. And then: Have fun! :joy:

edit - sorry, never mind. moved request to AR feature request thread.

I like to see in OB also the seqencer available and its locks with their values.

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When loading audio into Overbridge (Digitakt version), I would like a SLICE tab where I can easily chop audio, fine tune the slices, and then export to my device.

  • I want a visual representation of the waveform and slice markers so that I can see what I’m editing.
  • I want an auto-slice feature so that I can tell Overbridge how it should slice the audio file
    • by transients, with sensitivity slider
    • by equal division, with options for number of slices
  • I want the ability to move slice markers by hand so that I can fine tune their position
  • I want the ability to play individual slices or the entire audio file so that I can validate any edits before exporting

I’m surprised this hasn’t been created yet, so I’m just going to start it myself.

Starting out with my request:

I wish there were some key command shortcut on my Elektron boxes to switch in and out of Overbridge mode.

I normally prefer to just jam on the boxes by themselves with headphones and then use OB to multi-track them and polish the sounds and arrangements.

The menu selection to alter these feels a little bit like speed bumps in both processes.

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Correct me if its possible but id like to transfer audio files to and from Digitakt straight from the OB plugin.

Use transfer for that

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yeah figured, its what I have been doing and its fast. But a drag and drop inside the plugin would be amazing so I can stay in my DAW.


I hope they can streamline it but…
Overbridge is dealing with currently loaded sounds / pattern / project
Dropping a sample goes to plus drive typically , overbridge doesn’t seem to have access .

in theory it’d need to drop to plus drive (ideally thefolder where you want it ) then import it into project , then it who’d be available in the drop down menu for sampleassign.

I think there’s definitely a balance between the goals of overbridge compared to being able to edit / change / access everything on a computer .
I mostly use it for capturing a performance into streams / ableton , I find it quicker to make sounds / edit on device … but more complicated boxes like analog4 definitely benefit from big screen and sound editing.

Yep this would be great, I understand that transfer was created because OB wasn’t ready at the time but it have no reason to exist now

DT sample management, obviously.