Overbridge in macOS Sierra

The time and effort to enter your password.

It’s about not having to repeat certain actions, so you can focus on the stuff that you want to achieve when using a computer … to make things more comfortable, which is not really a bad thing imo.

For the small number of watch users, and the even smaller number of watch users that will actually use such a feature, it seems fairly redundant

I’m pretty sure more users would have appreciated an OS update that didn’t brick their other software and hardware

Don’t get me wrong, I prefer mac over other systems but this relentless updating and forced integration with iOS isn’t what all mac users want

For Apple it’s a one way journey towards a unified user experience. At which point your phone, tablet, watch and computer will all look and act the same. I don’t particularly like the sound of this. Sounds like macOS is going to get more washed down as a result

Just look at Logic these days. It literally looks and behaves like GarageBand until you tell it not to

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The thing is, when you get a new OS, there’s never much fuss about improvements under the covers. Everyone talks about new features and surface stuff, when for audio work, what I’m interested in is - what’s happened at kernel level to streamline things.

It can make a big difference in the audio world, once all the drivers have caught up.

For example - I’m hoping that Apple finally sort out whatever the problem is with the Mac Pro USB3 ports. Something about them, is making my system not able to cope with more than stereo outputs from my Rytm and A4. My MacBook Pro (which is old enough to be limited to USB2) is fine on the same OS version.

There were definite improvements with El Capitan for my USB audio streaming devices. I’m hoping that Sierra makes more improvements.

OSX used to cost quite a few bucks for an upgrade. A few years ago they made them free… What I’m wondering is how much of an **** do you need to be to complain about something that is free? Steve Jobs always saw Apple as primarily a software company, it is their primary product and they’re giving it away for free. As such it’s amazing how there are people this dissatisfied with software that works this good, is updated every year and costs you nothing. I would be surprised if you had ever worked a day in your life, seeing as you don’t seem to value other peoples time and effort. If you don’t like it, buy Windows 10 and be happy.

fuck me, now it crash every time i try to open, dunno y

Because I guess your the only person, ever, to have a job. How much of an **** do you have to be to make such broad, misinformed generalisation ?

This is a really rather naive summary … when a free OS installs itself and bricks your device so you have to upgrade it, it’s hardly free. People were happy paying a nominal fee for an OS, getting a world of pain for nothing is not benevolence, it’s part of a calculated approach by Apple to sell hardware, lots of it, constantly - people have been commenting on the impact to big-ticket hardware/software, far more than a measly few dollars (which coincidentally was roughly when the OSs got a bit of love and seemed to at least work for a bit) … now they are just shoved out with bugs that never get fixed as they’re already on to the next thing - the revolving door works fine if you can keep ploughing money into the latest hardware and you’re prepared to have duplicate gear or time-outs, but their focus has long since shifted from supporting the very community who saved them from financial collapse towards just selling things - by forcing the pace of change so rapidly you can be assured your stuff will be useless way way quicker than it ever was

that’s getting rather close to offensive btw, raise the bar a little bit and see an argument from a less acute perspective before you get so hot about it

i ain’t no conspiracy theorist btw - i watched it and suffered from it with apple over many years of supporting them … once bitten !


Any time frame when Overbridge will be running in MacOS Sierra please? Pretty disappointing… Just bought Analog four recently excited to use Overbridge at my Mac and… Fail… Please guys, make some upgrade!!!


Same here!!! Please release an update, i cant work!

you can still disable “system integrity protection” like here how to

i take no responsibility for this, since its highly experimental…you can always change that to enabled later.

also my UAD Apollo is working with that.

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could you explain better this? what is used for this feature?

it prevents the execution of certain processes in macOS. therefore its not recommended because you “allow” your system to run processes which are normally not allowed. (in short).

here’s more about:

but if you really need to run Overbridge or other “not Sierra approved” drivers or processes (in my case UAD Apollo)
you can bypass this by disabling the “SIP”

boot with holding Command-R …open Terminal and run “csrutil disable” …reboot and you are done.

but again it’s not recommended and its on your own risk as its a security feature you are going to disable.


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thank you to let me learn something new! :smiley:

Thanks for the info and your team work


Yeah, I found out the hard way. Every external audio hardware driver broken accept Motu which thankfully still works. I ended up applying the latest updates to my mac because the latency in Ableton was killing me. Went to play at the local radio station and found that Serato did nothing when I plugged into the hardware …

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Thanks SwitchBox, this got my A4 & AR to input audio as soundcard via Ableton … still cant get the overbridge interface to populate the device settings . Just being able to record directly from the device is gold. Disabling SIP also has allowed Serato to connect to my SL4 and update the driver… so for the most part back in action!

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This might be of concern to some around here!

Apple always put their new OS on new machines after the OS is available. It would give a pretty confusing message to the public if they didn’t!!!

And those that are having problems running Overbridge in Sierra, why did you upgrade to Sierra when Elektron said Overbridge was not supported yet? Save yourself the headache and just be patient - last time it took almost 4 months for OB to work in El Cap.

Yes and with the SIP thing it will not be easy as a lot of company ask their client to deactivate SIP if they would like to use their software on Sierra. I hope Electron will not arrive to this way of solving the problem :wink:

Yes this is entirely normal. Back in the days when they used to sell hard copies of the OS in stores, the older versions were made unavailable as soon as a newer version was released. Even in non Apple stores they were removed from shelves. You had to order the discs online