Overbridge in macOS Sierra

We’d like to inform you that Overbridge does not work in macOS Sierra
yet. We’re working on getting it running as soon as possible, but in the
meantime refrain from upgrading your computer if you want to use Overbridge.


Can’t say im surprised, given that I never got it to work properly in older OS’s either.

Not sure how to feel about this, given that macOS sierra has been available to all developers since 13th of June (at least a preview version).


The same happened last year with El Capitan. This is a real pity.

my opinions may change later, but i don’t see anything i need in macOS Sierra to make me want to upgrade anyways. that being said, i usually wait until the OS version is mature before I upgrade. the last few version upgrades haven’t gone as smooth as early OSX versions did.

I am really dissappointed on the developers of Overbridge. At least from the point of what I know of developing fror OS X
As mentioned earlier, the dev version of Mac OS Sierra have been available from the 13th of June.
Shouldnt tha be enough time to make the plugin compatible??
Same thing last year, it took freaking half a year to fix the stability to a point where the plugin was useable.
Sometimes the Overbridge plugin reminds me of the “Emperor without clothes”-story :disappointed:

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Remember the “imminent” upgrade of Overbridge that was announced last November? It didn’t hit until February and Overbridge didn’t work with El Capitan until then. Don’t hold your breath for Sierra support.

Steinberg’s stuff doesn’t work with Sierra yet either. Lots of companies have to wait for the golden release master which they only get shortly before the new OS goes live. It doesn’t make Apple any money to help these companies out.

Overbridge is free, works great for me in El Cap. Not planning to update until I’m sure all the products I use are supported.


Sierra is the most underwhelming OS Apple has ever released, imo. That yearly upgrade cycle is starting to really thin things out. For once I’m sticking with the previous OS


The issues has been fixed and the new version is now being tested. It will most likely be included in the next Overbridge update if everything goes well.

Expect it around the same time as Heat is out for sale later this fall.


Is all functionality in OB not working or only audio? I only use OB as a parameter controller. When will you have a new beta?

What about Overbridge AU for Logic? Will does it work with MacOS Sierra?

uh??? i’ve installed Sierra and overbridge is working!!! only external input form A4/ak don’t

So, Existenz are you using just the A4 and AK or is Rytm in there too? Any less audio drop outs?

Sierra was supposed to fix core audio in a lot of ways
Curious if you’ve heard any difference.

Really looking forward to that’s and universal copy and paste.

Hurry with the update Elektrons!

Existenz, what exactly is working?

Parameters and audio on Ak and Ar works, i didn’t tried to record though… and i did’t had time to compare audio differences anyway.
only issue seems that in Live the channels dedicated to external inputs of Ak seems dead…but on Ob control page signal arrives, maybe is my fault, only wrong configuration? i’ll try again later, but until now i didn’t noticed any major problem

Couldn’t care less for Sierra. Apple hasn’t cared about pro app functionality in new OS versions for many years now.

They’ve chosen to focus on your watch being able to unlock your laptop

uh, i tried to unlock with my watch… do you think it works? naaaaa :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :rage:

Of course it doesn’t.

Why would anyone want to unlock your laptop with their watch?

Surely if you’re sitting near your laptop you would just use your hands to unlock your laptop ??!

To save time/effort?

What time? What effort?

Do people really feel that it’s an “effort” and “waste of time” to use their hands?

I honestly feel Apple’s time and effort should be going towards making sure transitions between OS versions run more smoothly for users with pro apps/hardware rather than being a massive ball ache all the time

As someone mentioned earlier, the yearly OS update has watered down the actual content of each update, seems ridiculous that along with this they seem to dump support for all other apps/hardware

It’s absolutely intentional of course.