Overbridge + individual out

Hi there,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to use overbridge plus the analog outs at the same time ? Ideally I would like to have 8 outs with overbridge and the main L+R with the standards outs so I would not have to decide which voices to use individually and which voices to mix with the L+R.


Yes, perfectly possible. It’s what I do - drum voices via OB, main outs carrying the send effects via my mixer. Works well, you just have to balance the level of the FX

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What about the different latencies? Will everything record in-phase (as in, sample-accurately synchronized)? Or are you compensating for this?

Haven’t tested this or anything but I would hope that with correct settings in the daw that it would get compensated correctly as if you were recording a mic, guitar, other live input through the audio interface. I’d hope so anyway.

I compensate in Ableton and everything is in tight sync


Oh perfect ! It works like a charm while dialing a bit of latency compensation.

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