Overbridge latest beta - DT & AK not recognised anymore

Hi, I downloaded the latest OB Beta, but now my DT & AK are not recognised anymore. The DT also doesn’t show up in Transfer anymore.
I used Transfer to upgrade to 1.11 Beta and I added several Samples to the DT 2 days ago.
Now 2 days later nothing shows up.

just a shot in the dark, but is overbridge mode enabled?

happened to me…


OB also cannot detect/recognize DT in standalone mode or vst.

Control panel seems to pick up levels and detects the DT, but standalone mode tells me that it can’t detect any device, and in the OB engine, it always says the DT is “initializing.”

I’m thinking of opening a ticket. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, but wondering if anyone’s got advice? I’m running windows 10 (older Dell xps w/ core i5)

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Yesterday happaned to me as well. Had to reinstall previous one.

I cannot get the standalone to detect the digitakt either. Let me know if you find a resolution.

same problem rytm mk2 1.46 beta 1 ,on mac book pro sierra

have you folks figured out how to patch this leak? I am having the same problem.
Thanks! ~ dp