Overbridge, macOS, Legacy System Extension Warning

macOS shows a warning regarding the Overbridge Kernel Extension, as described in this article:

The warning only mentions the vendor name (Elektron), but on my system, I see only one kext from that vendor:

$ kextstat | grep elektron
  232    0 0xffffff7f8771c000 0x5d000    0x5d000    se.elektron.overbridge.driver (3.4.11) 68EEE2B8-8609-37D3-8578-AF463F4419E6 <21 6 5 3 1>

The Overbridge driver may be using one or more deprecated KPIs outlined here: https://developer.apple.com/support/kernel-extensions/

When can we expect an update for Overbridge to address this?

Edit: macOS Catalina 10.15.4 (19E287)


Just got this after I installed 10.15.6

Which version are you running? catalina support was added recently

Catalina 10.15.6

The update was released today

Oh… sorry you mean OB. I should have the latest 2.0.39

Also hoping to get it working on Catalina soon… I’m having the same issue stated above.

I’m running 10.15.6 and OB v

I just bought this MBP for a number of reasons, one being that I thought Windows was responsible for OB not working properly. =/


Did you have an earlier version installed before? Seems like you maybe didn’t do the full uninstall process before putting 2.0.39 on. There’s an uninstaller in the Elektron folder in applications. That should be ran then restart then a fresh install. Then another restart to finish the registry updates

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I just came across this issue with a Macbook Pro running Catalina and my RYTM MKII. I reinstalled OB a few times, and made sure the RYTM USB is in OB mode. Transfer can see the RYTM so I know there’s some connection. Anyone know how to whitelist the legacy extensions? I can’t find it in System Preferences.

Never mind, just uninstalled and reinstalled again and it works somehow

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same here…same versions of OB and macOS. my devices are not available under overbridge and there are some messages from the macOS. I tried with uninstall of OB and a new installation but my devices (Digitakt, Digitone and Heat2) couldn’t be find. :frowning:

I can try this again but it was a fresh install of OB and Catalina. Will report back when done.

The macOS said there is a problem with this app and blocked it. If I unblocked it (safety) then it works again for now. Hoping the macOS will not block it again.

get always this message from the macOS: