Overbridge off grid with ableton

Here is a pic of me recording with over bridge it’s just off the grid , I have delay comp on and tried adjust track delay and still won’t lock solid to the grid . On a Mac using Yosemite 10.10.5 and using live 9.6.1

I would say you have very good sync. You are extremely zoomed in and it’s hard to tell how much offset there actually is since there is no scale. But you can see that is around a 1/6th of a wave cycle off.

Lets guess that its a low tom/kick sound around 100hz. That is a cycle of 10ms. Divide that by 6 and you have an offset around 1.6 ms. I’m just guessing what kind of sound you are playing but If it’s a higher pitched sound you have even considerably less latency.

Measure the actual offset in ms in the audio editor.



Its a Kick drum from my RYTM , the problem is it cutting the very first waveform on beat 1 and its slightly off when I am layering it with my modular and samples etc in ableton . I will measure it when I get home .