Overbridge on Mac OS Monterey 12.1

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently had the Apple Store update my Mac OS to Monterey to fix some speaker issues, and now that I’ve updated my OS, I’ve had issues using Overbridge with Digitakt. Is it because Elektron are yet to release an update for Overbridge that works with Mac OS 12.1? Or am I missing a trick?

Thanks everyone!

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Working fine here on 12.1.

Try uninstalling OB, rebooting, then reinstalling. Then make sure you enable it in System Preferences > Security & Privacy (has to be done within 30 minutes of installing)


Ho that’s a good news!! Did you made extensive tests, including multi-channel recording and synch check? cheers!

All works as expected.

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Thanks for the advice!!! This sorted me out!

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I’m on a MacBook M1 Pro using Monterey 12.0.1 and having issues with recordings not landing on the grid. Can’t get things under 3-5ms late on the grid in Ableton. I’ve got Delay Compensation enabled and I don’t have any latency-inducing plugins on my project.

Are you having this issue by any chance? What is the best (lowest) latency you’ve been able to achieve on Monterey? Here’s a screenshot of a basic kick drum that I’m recording via OB from my AR Mk II.

On my Windows machine OB is nearly sample-accurate, was really hoping for the same thing on Mac.

I’ve always had latency issues and basically surrendered to it. I don’t do any delay compensation, I just repair it after the recording. Latency has changed how I produce. I record all my hardware gear 1st, then correct the latency, last I’ll add any soft synths if needed.

I’ll try this out and give it a go. Thanks for the response!

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I have problems, with Monterey 12.0.1, OB doesn’t read my two Elektron MKI anymore, really you say that if I reinstall everything in thirty minutes then it works fine?

Then I saw that now there is already the update to Monterey 12.2