Overbridge setup in ableton

Hi all

This is my first post on here so be gentle, I’m having trouble setting Overbridge up in Ableton, the issue I’m having is multi tracking, once I open AR and A4 in a new midi track I then open corresponding audio tracks to route all the audio, however the dropdoen box on each track has no option to select track 1-2-3 etc…it just says pre fx post fx, post mixer. I’ve tried all the settings in Overbridge and ableton, is there something I’m missing? Hope this makes sense. I’m running the latest versions of ableton too.

Thanks in advance

Did you configure which tracks are available using the OB app?

Hi, yes I selected all the inputs in OB but still no luck.

Did you set your preferences in Ableton correctly?

I am having the same issue… How should preferences be set on Ableton? I know the OB preferences are set ok.

All settings in Ableton and OB are correct, I deleted the OB plugin and re downloaded the latest version from Elektron (1.10.1) this seems to have worked I now see all the available tracks in Ableton, however I have encountered another problem, it seems my AR and A4 don’t work together when connected through over hub, but if I plug them both separately in the 2 usb ports on my MacBook Pro everything works! I noticed the overrun has a power input, does it have to be powered to work with more than one Elektron device?