Overbridge shows as 'Plugin not validated due to internal error' in Logic

I have Apple Logic (10.6.1)) on Mac Catalina (10.15.7). Downloaded the latest version of Overbridge and installed the Audio Units plugin version for Digitone, Digitakt and Analog Rhythm 2 (AR2). Only Digitone is available as a plugin so I go into Logic Plugin manager and the Digitakt and AR2 plugins are showing as ‘not validated due to internal error’. I found out that if I check the Use checkbox anyway (for the failed validation for the Digitakt and AR2) and restart Logic they show as validated. Either way, I can’t get any of them talking to their related hardware despite all 3 devices being connected over USB directly (no hub) and the devices all being in Overbridge mode. Anyone else got this issue. TBH I think I’d only use Overbridge as a sound editor - seems to have a few issues that could disturb my workflow.

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