Overbridge Sync\Crackles\Latency issues

Hi All,

I love my Rytm but I constantly have to deal with allot of issues with Overbridge and wondered what is the experience of other people here and how they worked around it.

I’m using a SPL Crimson audio interface, the Rytm (firmware + OB update to latest) is connected so that the individual channels goes through OB and the FX through the analog outs.

All audio is received well, but:

[li]If I switch Ableton’s (Live 9.6) buffer to 128 there’s instant crackling -only on the OB channels - I tried experimenting with different buffer settings in OB and it wasn’t much of a help.[/li]
[li]The OB application shuts itself down randomly - not sure how this affects the whole thing cause I still receive audio.[/li]
[li]And the most terrible thing - there are latency issues, both when monitoring and recording - probably if I didn’t receive any crackles on 128 I could use that and maybe the problem would have been solved.[/li]

At this point I just think of getting another audio interface or a mixer and connecting all analog inputs instead of messing with OB BS, how are you guys using the rhythm and what is your experience so far?

Hi trippled,

I used OB with the Rytm since version 0.99… and Ableton Live 9.5.1.
Audio with more or less low buffer sizes was an issue in the beta version, but now it work good for me.
My setup:
Win10 i7 3770 K (overclocked)
16 GByte Ram
Audio-IF: RME 400 UC via USB
Rytm OS1.30B via USB3 direct to PC (no hubs!)

OB version 1.10.1 buffer size as plug-in 128 samples
8 channels 16 bit (please lord give us more bandwidth ;-))
no FX from the Rytm to PC

Ableton Live 9.6.x with 64 samples for the audio buffer

I think the issue is on the PC side.
I use a little tool called “LatMon” to check the PC behavior at the audio playback.
Maybe you find the bastard :slight_smile:


Gave up on the overbridge. Sequencing by midi and recording the audio analog > no issues. Works for me.