Overbridge Sync Poll/survey : does it work for you ? do you use it?

Hello elektronauts,

Here is my questions for you:

  • Does overbridge sync works well enough for you ?
  • If yes, what DAW ?
  • Do you use it ?

I personnally use it with reaper and ableton and I find it not satisfying for either of these.

Worked fine(ish) with Ableton until Digitakt got its 1.30 update. Like others who had the same experience, it was completely fucked after that, for lack of a better word. Completely unable to keep sync.

Tried everything under the sun. Managed to solve it by selling my device. Nice bit of kit but software issues were a deal breaker.

  1. yes
  2. Cubase pro 11
  3. yes
  1. No
  2. Reaper
  3. I want to

I tried this again with Rytm MkII, edit: the latency is killing me. I can adjust the midi timing offset (-452ms!!!) in reaper and it’s good enough for me, but I can’t play the pads through overbridge along with the jam because there is so much latency.

I’m curious to hear other users experience multi tracking audio from Rytm in Logic (because I’m considering switching) but if it isn’t solid in Logic, I’ll probably pass on that idea.

I might just pick up an optical mic pre expander and just run direct outs to the pres. Kinda spendy to multitrack this beast but at least I’ll be able to somewhat play along or live record into the sequencer.

You need more options: Operating system maybe even hardware and drivers, but then it gets very complicated, which might explain why Elektron hasn’t really goooooooaled Overbridge yet.

On Windows 10

  1. Yes
  2. Ableton (newest version)
  3. Yes

On MacOs

  1. No (a year ago. I havn’t used it since)
  2. Ableton (Newest)
  3. No, unusable