Overbridge trouble on 2012 mac

Tale of two macs
one - a new one, OB works fine.
The other, a 2012 MBP i7 / current mac os / 16 gb ram - does not “see” any OB enabled devices - rytm mk2 / digitakt, none. I unplug the same elektron box from one laptop to the other and one laptop sees the elektron box, the other laptop does not see it. Any thoughts?

Which Eleketron device OS #s?
Which OB Beta version?

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all machines have the latest Catalina compatable OS

and the Overbridge is this latest one (which I think of as the Catalina one). The exact same os on both Mac laptops, Mac OS catalina and I simply plug an elektron (for ex Rytm mk2) into one laptop, and OB works fine, and the same device same everything is unseen by the older laptop.

you could try reinstalling OB on the 2012 mbp? I’ve seen others report that this can work after the first install sometimes fails

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I’d be interested to see if your 2012 MBP is able to detect the OB devices if it’s running on battery power alone- if you see my topic below I’m able to see my devices fine but only if my MBP (2015) is running on battery power- on mains power it doesn’t see them!

I have the same MBP configuration and no problems with OB

This, for sure.

I uninstalled and re-install and sadly no change. I guess I’m happy that I have one laptop that I can use OB on.

Hi Guys,

Have the same issues with OB on my late 2012 MBP i7 which not recognizing both DT and DN.

I’ve been contacted by Elektron teams to try out a new patched OB version so they are working at fixing this issue which is great.

Hopefully we’ll have a fix very soon for these issues :slight_smile:

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you’re both Billy_Score and LAX here? or are you another user with same issue as Billy?