Overbridge unstable sound with Overhub


Overbridge sound is terribly unstable for me when using via a hub, for example Elektron’s own Overhub. I mean, frequent crackles, sometimes strange pitch bend effects.
I am using macOS on a 2017 MacBook Pro, which has two usb ports… Which is not much. Connecting directly to usb port “solves” the problem, kinda, but I do want to use controllers, perhaps charge the laptop, even…?
Same problem with Analog Heat, Analog Four, Digitakt… Newest OS and Overbridge versions.
Do you experience similar problems? Is it only me? Perhaps is this mac specific?

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This has happend to me before. What DAW are you using? You can try messing around with the buffer size.

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I am using Ableton (10.1) with the AU plugins. Also I do use the Heat as sound output (it’s the same with the DT). Yes, thanks, I tried that. 256 seems to be the best option, 128 becomes super garbage, 512 is better sound-wise but becomes too laggy to be musical.