Overbridge with Ableton Lite Limitations

Hi all
I am considering investing into ableton to improve my production workflow. I have the lite / intro version, total newbie. So was just wanting to know what limitations I will soon hit on the ableton intro version. For example, how will 4 mono audio input limit affect things. My plan is to start with rytm, analog four and analog keys then build up from there.
I can invest in ableton standard upgrade but hoping to put this off until ableton is better learned. They have a 20% discount running now though.

You only have 16 Audio and MIDI tracks in the lite version, fills up pretty quick if you want to multi track.

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Will the audio in limit be a problem when using three elektron boxes together? I assume so, but ok for learning with one box independently.

If i plan the same i would go on Bitwig :stuck_out_tongue: to me it’s working very nicely with Overbridge. Download my Template and the DEMO version of bitwig same with Ableton and compared wich one working the best for you.

  • I find that working in Bitwig with Clip and Arrangement at the same time working very nice with OB

ABLETON Standard = EUR 279 (promo price with 20%)
BITWIG Studio (but it’s like ABLETON Suite “sort of”) = 299.- USD/EUR

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None because you make audio track to receive overbridge stream. So the 4 mono input will only be by soundcard the elektron device so 2 stereo inputs so if fit the number of elektron inputs available i guess

16 Audio and MIDI tracks so it fit again but at a certain point you need to bounce if you want more

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Thanks William I will look into Bitwig. Is it stable on Windows with overbridge?

Right i’m on Mac but try it… That’s things in Bitwig (i do not like so much the User Interface Design neither Ableton Live anyway so…) Bitwig can Run all or Selected VST in his own process i find that very nice because when something crash it’s not your session crashed only that particular plugins. (in that way Ableton crashed a lot) There’s a lot of things very cool in Bitwig you can’t find elsewhere which is very enjoyable as a DAW.

I’m a big fan of classic DAW arrangement view… and i think bitwig is a good compromise between Ableton way and Logic/Cubase way…

But if you didn’t like it go Ableton.

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