Overdrive pedal

Hi I like the sound of the overdrive on the rytm and consequently I am looking to buy a guitar pedal with the same quality. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a similar overdrive pedal that sounds as good as the Rytm’s? Thanks

For what purpose ?
Did you check the Analog Drive ?

Analog Drive Price Drop

For hooking up to my octatrack. I feel the sound of the octatrack could do with some beefing up. Yes I’ve checked the analog drive but it’s maybe too harsh for what I’m looking for

The Analog Heat is what you are looking for.

AD Clean Boost circuit is not harsh, and yes AH is maybe what you need. Not the same budget.

Thanks guys. Yes I like the sound of the Analog heat but the price is a bit steep for what I’m after.

You can find them 2nd hand for 400-450 euros damn tempting to get a 2nd one for that price :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh and last night I googled Elektron Analog Drive and found it in stock at some store for 98€ sadly it’s back to 177€. But maybe try the same and see if you get lucky.

Less harsh setting with AD, harsh setting with AH.

Slightly cheaper option at new prices: I use the oto Boum for this and love it.

In Strymon there’s Deco and Volante which both have the “tape type/recording level” Overdrive. Deco is 1/3 the cost of AH, Volante about 2/3.
The Deco does compress the more saturation you add, the Volante not so much.
Both have the added benefit of delays, and can be set to take line level.
Cons: both are summed to mono in (but stereo out).

I hesitated to sell my AH for it, but I’ll keep it.
How much is new prices? I saw 529€ in France.

Did you try to plug OT in AR and use it’s compressor?

Ehx LPB2, btw check the whole thread.

Ehx Platform

Looking for an overdrive too :

  • proco RAT
  • SPL Charisma 2
  • Ehx LPB 2ute

Other idea ? Not too expensive 500 max. i dont want AH or Boom or Fusionbox… Multieffect rack welcome ! I want warm and dirt if i need dirt !
Its for machinedrum on Aux (with 5 separates track from MD)
Thanks !