Overhub etc

for me unfortunately overbridge does not work properly even using a mtt (?) hub.
now i read somewhere (here probably) in the past that there shouldn’t be two overbridge devices on the same hub. Is this still the case with overhub?
Just asking as I am running low on usb ports.
Just got a new laptop with thunderbolt 3. Does anyone have experience with using a thunderbolt bay and connecting the elektrons to the usb ports delivered by the thunderbolt bay?
Also I am still struggleing with the timing of the internal sequencers.
As Simon answered on one of my posts it won’t work relieablely using an external clock generator like the erm multiclock or the acme to do the midi clock for the elektrons and get the audio via overbridge.
How does everybody experience the timing with overbridge?
When recording into live the signal gets recorded a bit too early (do I have to adjust driver error compensation?) on my setup.
If the timing is super stable I might give it another go however I am monitoring through a mixer at the moment and syncing to the erm multiclock which works well. Would still be nice to get the digital setup working properly.
Would it be better to get an overhub or to get a thunderbolt bay which I connect the elektrons to and connect the rest to my regular usb ports?