Overhub Issues

I am very aware that this is a user form, as I am aware of page after page after page (once googled) of would be users for whom this product does not function as intended. Are you aware of this threads title? Do you think someone started it for fun?

This fact alone demonstartes that what I say about Elektron is true, via this simple formula:

Product being sold + product not working as intened dIvided by number of hours wasted by customers trying to get it to work multiplied by the amount of time the company selling the prducy KNEW it wouldn’t work…EQUALS: Dishonesty and disrespect, to suggest otherwise is to paint a wall white and insist that it’s black,

You suggest I not do this and that when contacting Elektron?

No, how about they apologize for the amount of my time they have wasted?

I have not had bad consumer luck this problem is as widespread as the device in question is availlable, again, I refer you to the title of this thread

I am not into “Brand worship” and if my patronage is abused the offender is going to hear about it and make restitution. and BTW telling the truth is not ranting, people need to know that this product is a 50/50 proposition at best , those who order it online will be stuck paying the postage to send it back for a refund, I would rather stick up for fellow consumers than the company that did not supply what was paid for

Oh, and one last thing

I know how to use a USB hub, as I said the one I had before worked but it’s QC flaw made it unusable

There is no proceadural error here, no part of my system has changed in the last few days, making the offending variable obvious…

I belive Elkeron is embarking on an ambitious venture to expand thier market share, in hopes they will equal the percentages held by Korg and Roland, companies in their position often make fatal error of sacraficing quality for quality, telling them the truth is better for them in the long run as well, ifthey are using Asian manufacturers who are droping the ball, they would probably like to know about it!

Send it back again. Take a hub from another brand. You just have to make sure it’s a multi TT hub and that’s it… if it’s not working then take your macbook in repair because actually there’s a lot of issues with USB and APPLE. I know that very well because I had 9 device from them (I mean APPLE macbook, MacBook Pro and iMac) and I always have USB issues on everyone.

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Just thought I’d update this thread with an answer I got over at gearslutz, I found this to be the answer to the problem:

“Overhub is a massive piece of s**t. Even Elektron admits it, Stop wasting your time with it, return it and get on with your life, the whole Overbridge thing was a fiasco I wasted so much time on, now I pretend like it never happened and I’m much better off. Keep your AK it’s a good synth, but stay away from anything that starts with OVER”

That’s all I needed to hear, a little truth goes a long way, I’m not stressed about any of it anymore, unfinished tech is always a blackhole from which we are lucky to return, and I am not beating my head against any brick walls anymore, if it doesn’t work when I plug it in, then back to the store it goes. I’ll pass on the support tickets and raindance bug fixes and searching forums for THE FIX, I have pleanty of gear that works just fine, i’ll stick to using that, It’s all good over here now, no problems, only soloutions :slight_smile:

Nonsense. Quoting fake news is still fake news, keeping up with this unconstructive trolling is really pointless … if you have something constructive to bring to the table then be our guest, that is how to build a community, but this is not the tone of discussion that happens here, keep it for gearslutz … you’re wasting our time by contributing nothing but noise … if you’re going to pass, then just pass

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My overhub works perfectly. No issues.

Same for me. OB Working, Overhub as well.

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no issues with overhub here. Works well for me

Quoting GS. :thup:
Refusing to update an OS known to have massive USB issues with many manufacturers’ hardware. :thup:

Overhub here working on Sierra and W10, wasn’t working well on El Capitan (along with a number of other non-Elektron USB devices, some of whom just ditched support entirely).

Anyway I guess everyone here buy gear for what it is… OB is just a serious bonus on top of it. We’re making music before without it. No need to blame those companies (Access Music, Elektron, …), who try to make things evolve because actually they take all the risk ! (regarding feedback in return, as it’s so complicated to make such a thing to work on every computer for everyone with every skills)

The only important thing is : making music
so …

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My OH works fine too, although I am paranoid about breaking the the connector at the back of the unit, as it is flimsy as hell, I would have expected a more solid connection for the money. That USB 3 thin style connector and socket is a terrible design, I’ve had lots of USB 3 devices with that, and they almost always snap off at the board.

I have to say though, that terrible dee has every right to rant about poor quality products, it’s annoying as hell when this happens, so fair play to him.

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My overhub is working for the AH & AR but WHEN is the update coming that will make things happen for AH, using OS 10.9.5.

I had a reply from support that the update will come after the Digitakt release. Well it has been out for some time still no update.
Patiently waiting … Guys make things happen:)


I´m done with Overbridge and Overhub and “you have to buy x or y to get things proper working”

Mac Os Sierra 10.12.4 update broke my overbidge on Macbookpro 2011 and overbridge doesn´t recognize my overhub anymore. “Bandwidth to low … please use an MTT hub”. So not more then 1 Analog device.
Elektron support said maybe fix with new update - expected to be out with shipping Digitakt in May. May is nearly over. No word of a new update.

Now happy with Expert Sleepers Usamo for Sync and soundcard for recording. Yeah it´s a bit of a shame because overbridge is a great idea. But I´m tired of all the technically issues. I want to make music and not spending hours just updating this or that and becoming frustrated.


FWIW I had a slightly similar experience with Sierra but in my case the Overhub appears to have resolved the problem.

Last weekend I upgraded my early 2009 MacPro from OSX 10.9.x -> 10.12.

Overbridge was working for me on OSX 10.9 in Ableton.

On OS 10.12 I could see my two A4’s connected fine in the Overbridge Control App, but when trying to view either VST in Ableton I would get an error along the lines of “We are having communication issues, you may need to reconnect the cable”. This was with both A4’s each connected directly to a USB port on the macpro.

After a bit of faffing around (and almost resorting to downgrading to OSX 10.11 on a separate partition) I took the plunge and bought and overhub yesterday. Both A4’s are now working fine in Ableton now via Overbridge (I’m only returning the stereo L/R channels on each), and I’m also able to sync my MD to ableton with 100% rock solid timing (provided I return the MD audio back to ableton via the A4 inputs).

As a few ppl have mentioned above (and in other threads) it would seem that a big part of the problem is on apple’s side of the fence - some of their recent updates have really messed things up wrt usb…

My next problem is how to resolve the latency issues if I return audio from my MD / other gear directly back into my mixer, but that’s another story…


Sorry to hijack… should I get Overhub or will any USB3 hub with MTT do? The price is rather steep!

From what I understand Overhub has MTT, or STT for each of its 7 USB input, which is not necessarily the case for all USB 3.0 hubs.

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Ah, thanks! That makes some sense. I’ll have a good look around and if I fail, I 'll just fork out more money and get an Overhub :sweat_smile:

Yep … mine was £6



I read up on what MTT actually is and it seems that if plug in the same class of devices you don’t need MTT. It’s only used when certain devices are slower/faster. Like plugging in a usb 1.1 mouse will cause all ports to go at usb 1.1 speeds on a hub without MTT. But if you only plug in usb 2 devices it’ll be fine.

I conclude for it that Overhub is needed if you want to plug you usb 1.1 devices in the hub as the Elektron boxes. Correct me if I’m wrong though!

The Analog machines act as 1.1 devices due to electrical considerations, that is the issue.