Overhub with usb C cable?

Hi everyone !

I just purchased a 2017 macbook pro to replace my very tired 2010 macbook and I’m hoping to finally be able to use overbridge with my AR.

  • Do you think I could use a overhub directly on my usb-c port by just using a usb-c cable ?
    If yes, where could I find such a cable… ?

  • Overhub specs are usb 3.0 up to 12mbit/s according to Elektron when the Macbook has USB 3.1 Gen. 2 up to 10Gbit/s. Do you think I should look for another usb hub with higher specs to match my macbook specs ?

  • How many tracks of my AR do you think I should be able to record simultanously with overhub + macbook pro 2017 ?

That’s no problem. Almost. There were some problems reported with Overhub and MacBooks, but I think it’s likely a setup- ot connection problem, somehow. Usually it’s a no brainer, plug & play. You can find those cables evrywhere.

Your concern is not a matter of the hub, it won’t ‘speed up’ the ports on the maschines. It’s quite possible that a no-name 2.0-mtt-hub works as well as Overhub. The only problem is to find one with explicit MTT properties. If you like to learn more about USB, have a look at the search function here, there are tons of information.

Really no problem to record all 8 track in 24bit resolution. I run all AR channels in 16bit & all A4 channels in 24bit & AH at USB 3.0.

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buy this one : http://www.belkin.com/au/p/P-F2CU031/

and now you have a 7 port USB hub for your MBP :slight_smile:


Thanks TheDiePie for answering all my questions. :eggplant:
Thanks mattleaf for the link… Now I know the name of the cable I need… but I will try to find a cheaper one… :green_apple:

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Found a similar one for 9€ https://www.amazon.fr/AmazonBasics-USB-C-Micro-3-0-Cable/dp/B01GGKYJG8/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1501602323&sr=8-5&keywords=usb-c+micro+b

I’m in the same boat as you, what cable did you buy at the end and is it working fine?

Also, a question for other members: How did you all solve connecting Overhub to Macbook Pro Touchbar?

I ended up buying an amazon basics cable and it seems to work fine…

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Thanks, I ordered now this thing https://www.nonda.co/products/usb-c-to-usb-3-0-mini-adapter

Probably going to need it for other stuff too because it’s convenient. But might also pick up the dedicated cable and use it directly.

Not saying Amazon basics aren’t fine, but I wouldn’t scrimp on a USB cable if I was trying to stream multiple channels of high quality audio from my €1000+ musical equipment to my €2000 DAW/computer… :okej:

This works fine. Just get decent cables, from Belkin for example.

Amazon’s Anker brand cables are also good.

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…i lost actual overview with all these usb variants…
this might be an old topic…

but my overhub 2nd gen needs to talk straight to my soon now finally upcoming mbp 14" m1x/m2 machine…
so i want this all straight forward and clean…
one port for the audio interface…one for an externl ssd…and well, one for overhub…

so overhub can function as the gate to all the “traditional” usb devices…
and has to host a seaboard, an additional controler and a midi interface…

so i’m looking for a single short cable that fit’s the overhub 2nd gen which has seven standard usb ports on front and this weird usb3 kind of plug with that little curvy spot…

therefor i need THIS on usb c standard in pretty short lenght…any hints…?

I think you want a USB-C to Micro-B cable like this cheap one. Anker is my go-to brand for premium USB stuff, but they don’t seem to make the cable you need.

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