Oxford Overdrive

Another Radek Rudnicki user waveform sound pack in as many months, so much Monomachine love and for free to boot. Thank you.

I really like this waveform pack.

MonoMachine gets treated like the red headed step child around here, but it is great to see it still receiving some active love and support from Elektron.

honestly this is nicest elektron sound pack i have downloaded over the yrs

i have never heard the monomachine sound like this - a very real surprise

absolutely lush and full

Thank rudnicki you are a monomachine wave genius

please rudnicki could you follow up with a roland jupiter 6 or mks 80 project

+1 for monomachine love

well said. big ups to both radek and hq for making this happen! it’s a great time to be a monomachine player. :+1:

As a MnM newbe I took pattern A11 from this pack to learn the song sequencer. I added some Apollo 13 chat: and here is the result

(some eq and compression applied in Ableton to blend the sounds together)

great sounding box!


I would like to add my thanks too. Very nicely done :slight_smile:

Don’t have my dirty hands on a MnM yet but tried the pack on my Rytm and it’s pure joy to my ears! Great work and +1 for being free :smiley:

If anyone is interested in making their own waveform chains from these (for Rytm or Octatrack), I managed to find 8 waveforms in this pack that are the same length
(waveforms #s 1, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 23, 26),
and two more that I could safely edit down to the same length (#s 42, 43). Combined I was able to make a 10 slice waveform chain for Rytm.

The soundpack’s license doesn’t allow me to redistribute them. So I’m just leaving my findings up here for anyone who may want to quickly create an 8 slice chain compatible with Octatrack or Rytm, or a 10 slice chain for Rytm only. Saves you the half hour or more it took for me to examine their individual lengths and find the ones that match.

Waveform #s 4, 5, 7, and 20 appear to have their own same respective length, as well. One could make a 4 slice chain from those.

Can someone please tell me why(according to elektron) I need a +drive to use these ???

I have a monomachine mk2, but it does not have a plus drive…

Is there any way to use at least some of these without a +drive ??

You don’t need a +Drive, but if you transfer these to a non-Drive unit any other custom waveforms and patterns (in this pack are: A01 - A16 and E01) on it will be overwritten if you transfer the Project SySex. You can however choose to just transfer the Wav-files.

Hey guys,

So pleased to hear good feedback about this pack.
In case you are not aware I made short documentation of the process behind this one - Oxford Overdrive and the previous one Immortal Waves. If you like to have a go yourself at making the waves, might be useful.



Oh and OSCar is really creamy especially once you play with the filters. I did some self oscillation as well if I remember right. The additive synthesis is really well implemented in this synth, strange that it wasn’t followed up/used this way in others synths. At least I’m not aware.

Thanks Radek, really outstanding wave pack and a great elektron contribution

I am about to grab a new korg odyssey today from my local dealerand I might whip up a pack for everyone here using your techniques

Or i could send you the raw files if you want to a do a collab and use your monomachine know how??

Everyone, post here !!!loudly!!! if you want a Korg ARP Odyssey monomachine pack!!! and if there is enough interest I will do it :slight_smile:

Getting some fantastic results using the DDRW DoubleDraw machine mixing OSCar waves from this pack with the Moog waves from the Immortal pack.

More than worth it to take the time and go through all the waveforms and choose favorites to make a custom digibank.

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Super excited for this new batch of waves and thankful that Elektron continues to breathe new life into the MNM. It is such a powerful machine and these new waves have already inspired many patterns. I cannot wait to see which vintage synthesizer’s waves will be available at our fingertips in the future.

Well, this sound pack (and the Immortal Waves one to some extent) have completely changed my feelings towards the MnM. Fantastic sounding and very usable waves, and some great subtle sound design. It’s like getting a whole new machine! :smiley:

Just dropped this and the Immortal Wavs in the MnM and oh my…! The MnM sounds just immense! Thanks for these!