P-Locking Delay and Reverb Parameters on FX Track

I was delighted to see that Delay TIME can be p-locked via the FX sequencer track. Though p-locks are properly placed (holding the trigs show the locked delay times) - nothing happens. These p-locks do not “play back”. Same with Reverb parameters.

Is this a bug? Did I miss something?

Assigning FX Tracks LFOs to the same parameters work like a charm.


Is FX TRACK muted ?
Probability set to 0% ?
Trig conditions ?


No, I tried from a fresh, initialised pattern too, as to ensure that no mute/probability/condition was inadvertently set.

Init Pattern. Program a 4 on the floor kick pattern. Send the kick to the delay. And now, on the FX track, set p-locks to alter the delay time. It will set the p-locks, but not play them back.

Check both the pattern (purple) and global (green) mutes? The button combos have led lots of folks to accidentally global-mute the FX track in a project and would lead to the behavior (LFOs yes, trigs no) you’re describing…

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Not sure these will be useful but try:

  • make sure you are not sending the Delay to the FX bus. Syntakt will avoid the fx loop this could cause but might also just nix the Delay
  • use trigless p-locks ([FUNC]+[trig 1-16]) rather than trigs ([trig 1-16]).

That was it! The FX track was muted across all patterns, so, starting from an init pattern didn’t help.

It is working as expected now.

For a strange reason, when checking my mutes, I was assuming Trig 13 was associated the FX track, but I should have looked at the FX button itself.

Thanks a lot for your help. Feeling a little stupid now :wink:


Now you can watch @Humanprogram videos for fx plocks ideas. :wink:

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