P-Locks help (relative to whaat?)

i’m probably reiterating an issue (yeah, that’s what it is for me at the moment :thinking: ) which has been already mentioned by others (me being one of these…)
i’ve (once again) come across this:

could anyone please tell me what destination i’m selecting, depth amount and waveform please?!
for my mental sanity, could the way the information are displayed be changed? even just for the LFO page. it’s not a must but would save plenty of time and make the UI a bit more understandable, at least to me. thanks

you can’t prescribe the destination as it’s proportional to pressure, scaled by amount

you have to look back to lfo page directly

when i saw title i assumed it was a discussion on plocks and relativity

just ftr, if you take 2 trigs, say with different plocked filt-freq and apply a lock to the pair, they don’t go to a new common value, the second pressed one gets scaled up by the same amount as the first, okay if you recall this, but if you expect a multi-grab will result in equal values being set, well, !

but i agree - shame that page doesn’t toggle with the current values shown on LFO page so save you looking at the lfo page out of perf mode

Those aren’t really p-locks though…just modulated values from the pressure as stated above.