Pad MIDI out note different from Seq MIDI out note

My MIDI monitor is reporting that my BD pad, when pressed, sends MIDI note C-2, however, when I play the sequence the BD track plays C3. How can I make the pad and the sequencer send the same notes? I’m using Rytm MK1 by the way.

Is there a p-lock on the Trig Note?

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No, I haven’t used any p-locks in this sequence.

If you set Output CH to TRK CH (under MIDI settings), every pad will output whatever the Note is on the Trig Page…apparently


This will change the note that performing on the pad will output but it won’t affect the note output by the sequencer. sigh I spend more time fiddling with this drum machine than actually being creative with it. I’m trying to transfer my sequences to my Deluge now that the sequencer outputs MIDI, but of course, I’ve encountered another hurdle. Thanks for chiming in.

As @mekohler pointed out with OUTPUT CH, if you use Auto Channel, it behaves differently. It sends notes 0-11 with all pads.
BD sends note 0, which might correspond to your C-2. Depends on softwares, manufacturers.

With TRACK CH it should send same note as set in Trig page, unless you didn’t update firmware with 1.50A, otherwise you have a 2 octave offset (with OS 1.50).
I guess you are on 1.50, and normally you should send a C1.


Ahh, I see. I was still on 1.50. Upgrading to 1.50A as I type. Will report back with results. Thanks for responding.

Having played around with this, I’m even more confused as to why they would implement it this way. Even after compensating for the note offset with the 1.50A update and adjust the Note parameter on the trig page, I’m still an octave away from matching the sequencer playback note to the pad note. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t keep these notes consistent? I’m debating whether to revert back to transferring my patterns to my Deluge trig-by-trig as it might just be faster than using another global slot to send the tracks, separated into dedicated MIDI channels, recorded into Ableton, adjusted manually and then sent back to the Deluge. Elektron! Why do you frustrate me so?!

Are you still in AUTO Channel mode?

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They do though, this has been fixed - the issue is with your interpretation of what constitutes consistency - the MIDI notes transmitted by the PADS are the same as those sequenced now, there was an issue (an oversight/bug) but the issue has been fixed and is consistent where it counts

MIDI Notes 0-11 sent on any channel will trigger the Tracks. MIDI Notes 12-60 will trigger the tracks on the respective channel across a 4 octave range centred around Note 36 - there is no fixed standard for how any manufacturer needs to refer to these Note numbers - so comparing what the AR says on its note page relative to product X is not what you need to focus on, if you midi monitor (or simply audition) the output from chromatic pads played manually and sequenced you should observe no discrepancy, if you do then there’s something amiss -but be sure to look at MIDI note numbers in teh right range

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In that case, notes sent by the pads are respectively 0-11.
If you choose TRACK CHANNEL instead, each pad send the note corresponding to its Trig page (notes between 12 and 60)

I guess you set -24 in BD Trig page and that you are still with OUTPUT CH = AUTO CH.
In that case BD sends note 0, the sequencer sends note 12. 1 octave difference.


I’m using the AUTO channel when interfacing with my Deluge for live set up because I need to limit the amount of channels the Rytm uses, however, the second Global slot sets MIDI output to TRK for interfacing with Ableton. I’ve created an Ableton project with 12 MIDI tracks from the Rytm and sends them out to the Deluge. There’s a Max 4 Live device on each MIDI track that makes the necessary MIDI note adjustment before sending the note out to the Deluge. This works. I like the sound of Elektron devices but I dislike the sequencer a lot, which is why I’m trying to move away from it and rely on the Deluge more. I can use this Ableton project to transfer my patterns and not have to do it again. I’ve uploaded the Ableton Live 9 project and Max 4 Live device to my Github account with a step-by-step guide to help anyone reading this to do the same.