Page flickering


On the Digitone (non-key version) sometimes when I go from one menu to the other, for example from LFO to SYN1, instead of displaying page 1, it shows page 2 instead. With a short screen flicker. Like, it appears to go to page 1 and then quickly shows page 2.
Is there something I’m doing wrong? I can’t replicate it. It’s very random. Usually gappens on SYN1 menu and AMP menu. Are these buttons too sensitive perhaps?
It is a bit annoying and I would like to know if there’s something I can do about it.
Tganks :wink:

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Hey, did you figure this out?
I got a similar problem on my Digitone Keys.
Sometimes it is random, but especially when I am on some page and then press Function + Sound Setup, the sound setup page just briefly opens and then closes again. It is also kind of random when this happens, I guess it has to do with which page / menu I am on before pressing the button combination…

this has been adressed in latest update. :ecstatic:
make sure to enable “remember subpage” in the setup menu.