Panda bear, OT x 2

Working 2 OT’s live. Nice.

Very cool. I like.

And I am curious, what is that thing above them? A mixer?

All that work turning on and off the vocal delay. Must be exhausting. :slight_smile:

I read an article about him recently and he said he was using a Korg M3 minus the keyboard for most stuff. Guess that’s just for composition.

Saw him at Sasquatch festival last summer and couldn’t quite see the gear, but it sure looked like OTs under the mixer…low and behold, it was!

From what I gather, he doesn’t really like performing, though he does a solid job of it. Seems a bit of a loss, though, to have two OTs and only really use them as karaoke boxes with a couple fader tricks thrown in.

Can’t fault him much, though. Singing well is hard enough. Performing everything alone is no mean feat. Doing it well in a captivating way is godliness.

thanks for that link

really enjoying the latest LP as it triggers reminisce about listening to personal pitch on ipod while biking down a steep hill near ice capped mountains in south korea on my way to the local school at 8am

-10 or 20 ten degrees and loving panda bear…frantically trying to avoid ice, trucks, cars, old people, motorbikes, snow and singing panda bear songs at the top of my lungs

wonderful times