Panning incoming audio hard left and right?

I noticed in the digitone manual it mentions panning incoming audio hard left and hard right in the mixer section. This is probably a dumb question but is this to create a stereo signal out of the digitakt audio? Should you be hard panning digitakt outputs in a daw like ableton as well? What if you left everything in the center? Are there certain situations where you would not want to hard pan the incoming audio? I feel like panning should be different for different scenarios I’m wondering why they recommend you always hard pan the incoming signal.

If you leave L and R to center panned positions, you are effectively summing everything to mono, including the fx returns.

Usually one wants to pan L to 100% hard left and R to 100% hard right for proper stereo signal. You are of course free to use the L and R outs as two mono outputs if you wish, but in that case be aware that the stereo FX retruns will ”bleed” into both channels, if they are used.

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