Parameter (after)locks and external sequencer

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Is it possible to use parameter (after)locks when i use an external sequencer (in my case reason 9)? Meaning the notes come from extern, but the parameters are changed in the analog four.

Thx, Tipo

iirc the incoming MIDI notes will supersede the sequencer steps, so pre-recorded p-locks will not be read, the incoming MIDI takes precedence and it will play the current sound

if that is indeed what your question is

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Not sure why you deleted your response, I think you nailed it … it is possible to apply parameter locks to externally recorded sequences after they’ve been captured, but any subsequent playing either by mini keys or external midi will play the current sound


I deleted it as he is referring to use of external sequencer. I am not sure if an external sequencer can be used to record into a4 sequencer. An external controller yes.

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Applies to an external sequencer too, so long as there’s meaningful tempo alignment, also, obviously presuming it outputs midi and also if you accept the limitations of 16 steps per bar as per the constraints of the Elektron seq … if that’s a better workflow, then it is indeed possible to add p-locks after that process … I think that was the heart of the question (as opposed to the interpretation I took in initial reply, i.e. playing/recording an external sequence on top of pre-existing locks)

OK, sounds good. So primary message is the OP can P-lock as long as he can get his notes recorded first into the a4 sequencer, whether that be a midi controller sending the notes and being recorded into a4 sequencer, or other note source such as external sequencer. The a4 needs notes recorded into the built in sequencer to p-lock.

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I use Ot’s seq to record Multi Map Sounds, using lfos on velocity or other stuff. I can also play 4 arps on 4 tracks and record on 1 track in A4.

Maybe the OP wants to use Trigless locks and notes from external seq…
Edit : ok that’s it but doesn’t seem to work indeed.

I presume this is still true of all Elektron boxes?

Would be awesome to kinda use the internal sequencer for modulations and have it tonally be externally sequenced.

I’d imagine this is by design and not likely to evolve, albeit that it would definitely be fun as proposed

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