Parameters stop working after a while and reverse silence

I’m quite new to OT but I have experience with Elektron gear in general (MD,MnM, A4).

I have 2 problems:

1.I was playing around with live sampling and slicing which is awesome by the way. I must have done something wrong because suddenly the only thing I can hear right now is metronome. When I load another sample it happens that I can’t hear anything and when I’m in Edit mode the visual appearance of playback is going backwards. And I can’t hear anything.

  1. After changing set: When I add a new sample to the other tracks it’s okay when I place trigs but when I try to change parameters of chosen trigs, they stop working afer a while. I also tried to process A4 output trough OT effects. The same here. After a while of tweaking parameters refuse to work.

I’ve read some similar topics (slightly different) but I haven’t found the solution. Is it some kind of bug? Can it be the CF card’s fault? Anyone knows what is going on? I’m using the new 125f OS.


OS 1.25 E of course :wink: