Part reload on pattern change

I have two patterns, each with its own parts [F09-part 1] & [J01-part 1].

T3 - Flex machine w/ sliced sample
T5 - Thru machine -> audio from Shruthi-1 - AMP VOL set to -64
T8 - Static machine w/ a 2 min. looped sample

T5 - MIDI sequence -> Shruthi-1

other tracks not used.

T1 - Static machine w/ sliced sample slot 01 - play free 1/16 launch
T2 - Static machine w/ sliced sample slot 02 - play free direct launch
T3 - Static machine w/ sliced sample slot 03 - play free direct launch
T5 - Static machine w/ sliced sample slot 04 - play free direct launch
T6 - Static machine w/ sliced sample slot 05 - play free direct launch
In this pattern, play free tracks have a different scale timing.

not activated

other tracks not used.

I’m first switching to pattern [F09].
I’m using scene 10 to modulate XVOL of track T8 with the crossfader and at the same time I’m manually raising AMP VOL of track T5 around -12 to build up my pattern progression.

Then I’m switching to pattern [J01].
As expected (play free tracks), I’m launching manually tracks T1,T2,T3,T5 and T6.

After some minutes, I would like to switch back to pattern [F09].
As pattern [J01] was playing “play free” tracks, I have to stop the sequencer first and then switch back to pattern [F09] (which is expected) and press the PLAY button.

When pattern [F09] is loaded the linked part is not reloaded, the part is loaded in the same state as I’ve left it (T5 AMP VOL around -12) and not at the state saved in the part (T5 AMP VOL around -64). If I want to have the part reloaded, I have to press FUNC+CUE (Reload Part).

Is it the expected behaviour ?

Thanks for your help !


If you reload the project before playing you can reload all parts.

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Thanks for your answer (Merci :wink:) !

We can’t reload a previously played pattern AND reload the linked part at the same time …

Nope. And no midi message for Part Reload.

A workaround would be to duplicate the pattern.

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OK ! I can live with this behaviour :blush:

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