Parts across Banks


I have just become an owner of an Octatrack and in the middle of the learning curve.

At the moment I’m trying to understand the whole parts thing, and I believe I’m almost there, but… there is one thing I can’t seem to figure out.

When you have created a part, let’s say in Bank A, and you want to reuse that part in Bank B, is there a way to browse through the created parts and load it into Bank B?


You can copy and paste parts. When in parts window press function + bank and you can copy. I haven’t tried that myself but i don’t see a reason why this wouldn’t work. :slight_smile:

copy DOES work :wink:
make sure parts are saved before you copy.

Tried copy and paste, it works indeed so thanks for that, still… there is no way I can actually see a list of all created parts?

For those with an A4, I feel the parts are pretty much the same concept of kits in the A4, where you can actually go through all the created kits

Yeah that’s it. The A4 is more mature in that respect and in many others. Hoping the Octatrack 2 will be far slicker. :slight_smile:

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I have tried to copy pattterns within a bank, but when I copy from Bank c to Band D… my settings of the part are gone, so the samples are there, but all the slice points are gone.

I want to re-use a part again with a number of sample chains set up from one bank to the other. Any advise how to do this?

^^ the advice has already been posted above

[li]save your part associated with your current pattern[/li]
[li]copy pattern to pattern in new bank[/li]
[li]return to previous pattern[/li]
[li]copy part[/li]
[li]return to pattern in new bank[/li]
[li]paste part[/li]
[li]save part[/li]

does that help ?

each of the 16 patterns in a bank is associated with one of the bank’s four parts. the information you are referring to is stored within the part. this information does not “travel” automatically with the pattern when you copy it

when you copy a pattern to another pattern in the same bank that new pattern will default to part 1 of the current bank. i think that’s what is confusing you. you have copied a pattern (with it’s default pattern association with part 1) to a new pattern in the same bank. that pattern defaults to part 1 so all is good. but when you copy the pattern to a pattern in a new bank , that new pattern will default to part 1 of the new bank…which is empty .

get used to “locking” your patterns to one of the four parts.

[li]select pattern[/li]
[li]open part menu (Func/Midi)[/li]
[li]select part with up/down left/right arrows so it’s border is highlighted[/li]
[li]press enter/yes[/li]

Read the part in the manual where the hierarchy of Banks / Parts / Patterns / Scenes etc is outlined and make some experiments with material that you;re not concerned about losing. It is tricky but with practice eventually you will get the hang of it. Good luck.

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by the way if you haven’t read it already this is a hugely helpful resource: Merlin’s thoughts on Elektron’s Octatrack

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Got it!

You need to copy the part as well, instead of only the pattern… which makes sense.

The default part one is indeed what was causing the confusion.

Thanks for you help!

I have been learning to use banks/patterns and parts. I keep running into the following issue:

  1. I create a pattern of samples on T1-T3 for bank A01 to Part 1 and save the part and pattern
  2. I then stop playback.
  3. I switch to bank B01 and load new samples to T1-T3 and record a new pattern to Part 2 and save this.

When I switch back to bank A01 and playback part 1, the pattern has been over written by the samples from bank B01 from Part 2!

What the heck am I doing wrong here?

samples are linked to parts… not banks. 4 parts per bank.

here’s a thread I found for ya:

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Thanks I will check it out. I was messing around with trig p-locks and scenes just now to turn a boring voice sample into a wacky beat! Amazing power of the OT that I have not seen in other gear before.

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