Parts and Sample p-lock

excellent! but how do i actually do it? i tried holding down the trig and going into the audio editor mode but it doesn’t have any effect

Just hold the trig and in the SRC Page is start and length.
No Audio editor. You also can change the length in the amp page (hold and release)

i tried that too, but it doesn’t change the default selection.

when i turn the STRT knob it shows different slice number - i guess i need to change some setting so that it selects by percentage or timecode or something?

Ah nevermind, i got it - i needed to turn samples off in the FUNC SCR menu… thanks for your patience!

Double click src. Change slic to off?

Nice! You got it.

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That’s new for me. Could you elaborate? :content:

haha, oops i meant turn SLICES off!

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Ah…In the SRC SETUP page. :wink:

yes exactly!

it’s funny people complain about how complicated octratrack is but so far, it doesn’t seem super complicated, just that there’s a ton of things it can do, and there’s a lot to know

If you want to know everything about it, and take the time to experiment possibilities, it can take a while…

ooh yeah, i expect to be finding out new things for a couple of years yet! i’m just figuring out the basics now