Parts and Sample p-lock

So hai first time and all, I’ve had this octatrack for the longest time but due to life circumstances over the years I’ve had less and less time to make music and forgot most. Reread the manual, as usual most of it made mo sense but a bit better given the short prior experience, but I’ve made adjustments and started to play one or two hours a day, mostly fidgeting. But now after I can’t even remember how many years, the chance to play a short live arose, and I’ve been doing my best to fill the gaps. So yea, onto the real question, enough life story.

If I’m not mistaken (that may be the cause, too) you could, by switching parts, also switch the samples triggered of a particular pattern trig, or it was never possible? If you can’t that means a lot more frantic finger combo on the spot, it was more for the sake of a better pace, but if my brain hasn’t completely turned to mush I remember doing it in the years bygone.

If it’s possible, is there something that I’m doing wrong? Basically I trigger sample one on the first step of a pattern, then knob knob to the selected slot, then switch part and I find the same sample locked to the trig.

Or maybe I’m just a fool. Apologies if this has already been brought up and answered.

(there’s also that problem of a midi channel out of eight that doesn’t playback the TQ5 fed into it, but one thing at a time, seven layers of FM bells should be enough).

Each Machine (Static and Flex) has a “Default Track Sample”

Each Part can have different Machine assignments and thus different default track samples. e.g.

Part01 -> Track01 -> Static : Slot Static001
Part04 -> Track01 -> Static : Slot Static017


Ah k I got it, by locking the trig to a specific sample even switching parts it would still remain locked to that sample, just like the same issue with normal p-locks change affecting two parts, it took me forever to realize those were pattern specific. Well I guess it’s still a lot of finger work.

Thanks! (and great avatar)

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Seems that the easiest way around this is to copy and paste the pattern (e.g. A1 to A2) with the sequencer off (one of the annoying quirks of the OT compared to the A4/Rytm) , then change your sample locks on A2 to the different ones you want and also change the part that A2 is linked to if necessary, for example if you also want changes to machines/FX. You will have to set this up in advance, though! Then you just have to change pattern from A1 to A2 to get the result you want.

So unfortunately, in order to avoid the finger shuffle, you’ll need to know the exact sample locks you’re looking for before you play your set and set them up in the duplicate pattern(s).

Yea but I’m already choked on patterns, it’s easier to remember to scroll down the sample list rather than what synth phrases matches which possible break. Thanks for the input though!

Is this how you set up sample locks? I’m trying to create sample locks but can’t quite get it. Having issues with parts, so I figured sample locks would at least allow me to use more than 8 samples…

Edit : for sample locks : :wink:
Hold trig, dial Level, choose sample.
You can use up and down arrows too.
Now you can use 256 samples. :slight_smile:


No, thats how you setup the track default samples. Refer to @sezare56’s post above for sample locks.



The sequencer can be on. :wink:
The problem in live conditions is that you have to change to another pattern before copying it.

If you’re using multiple samples per track, why not use sample chains instead? That way, part 1 can have all of the samples you’re going to use on that track in a chain, with slices locked on the trigs accordingly, and then part 2 can have those same locks referring to a different chain.

If you’re only using one sample per track, you shouldn’t need to use a sample lock on your trig, and changing part will change the sample played back by the trig.

DUDE THANK YOU!!! :grinning:
This is what I was missing.



you just changed the course of my life! :smile:

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Another happy customer @sezare56 \o/


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I try that and works but , I dont know why when I am in part one and change from trig one to trig 2 patterns automatically switch to part edit 2 - Trig 2. Can I make sound each trig from 1 to 16 part 1 , 1 to 16 part 2 with different samples slots? Cause when I trig another pattern switch automatically to other part.

Sorry, apparently some confusion.

No. By default, all the 16 patterns of a bank are set to part 1. 4 parts per bank. 1 default track sample assignment possible per part.

By trigs you mean pattern choice? Trigs can be used for many things. Please precise.
I’d rather say pattern 2 than trig 2.
In grid recording I’d say step 2.


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reviving this because i’m having a sample lock issue - i’m sure it’s stupid, but i just can’t figure it out.

i have a sample on a flex track and the default start and end point selected.

I want to parameter lock on trig to play the same sample but with a different start and end point.

i don’t want to slice it up and trigger different parts of it on different keys - and the part i want to use as a parameter lock is an excerpt of the default sample selection.

I tried selecting different start and end points and assigning them to a new slot, and then choosing that slot while pushing down the trig - the trig flashes as if its parameter locked but it plays the exact same start and end points of the sample as the default version.

On the Model:Samples you hold the trig and then just modify the start and end points while holding down, but that doesn’t seem to do anything here…

what’s the correct way of going about this task? thanks

It works just the same on Octatrack. No need to select the same sample in another slot.