Parts changing my patterns

I have 2 parts, 3 patterns. I just want to use 1 pattern (number 1) with part 1 and the other two (pattern 2 and 3) with part 2. I want to manually change them. The problem is, when I’m in part 2 and switch patterns, it’s auto switching me back to part 1. Any help is appreciated.

Each pattern is always linked to one part.

Which part is connected to a pattern is easily seen on the line above the sample name.

To connect a pattern to a part (on Mk2) you hit the part button, use the directional buttons to highlight the preferred part and press yes.

So for what you want to do:

1 Select track one… press part. Highlight part 1 and press yes

2 Select track two … press part. Highlight part 2 and press yes

3 Do the same for track 3

Now switching patterns should automatically switch to the appropriate part.

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Yes I know how to switch parts. The issue is, I thought, that parts were independent of patterns. I know you can see the part in the screen too.

The issue is I want to manually switch patterns and parts. I guess that’s not going to happen.
On my recorder buffer tracks on part 2. I want to manually change between pattern 2 and 3 as I have different trigs setup. But when I’m switching patterns in part 2 (pattern 2 and 3) it’s switching back to part 1, which is my thru tracks.

So if you can picture it. Acid box on track 5 thru and another box on track 6 thru. I send those to a recorder buffer and then switch to part 2 and change from pattern 1 to patterns 2 and 3 so I can mess with the trigs, but when I do, it’s changing back to part 1, which is the live thru tracks, not what I want.

my instructions werent for switching parts… it was for connecting a part to a pattern

just copy the patterns and switch the copied pattern to whatever part you want.

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You said track, which messed me up. Did you mean pattern?


totally… i did mean pattern

my apologies


Ok, now it makes sense. Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Part = setiing for the kit of 8 tracks

Well IMO then if it’s track settings, it should have ZERO to do with patterns.

All you do is load a part while in a pattern, now as long as you don’t change parts again while in that pattern, every time you switch to that pattern it will have the same part loaded.

So on pattern 1 load part 1, do not change parts again while in this pattern.
On pattern 2 and 3 load part 2, do not change parts again while in these patterns.

Now without messing with parts at all, every time you switch to pattern 1 it will have part 1 active, every time you switch to pattern 2 or 3 it they will have part 2 active…

If you switch parts again while within any of the patterns, they will link to that part and no longer behave like what I said above… The patterns stay linked to the last part that was loaded to it…


I think you’ve got it backwards…

No matter what part your using, when you switch patterns the pattern you switch to will have whatever part was last used on it active… :slight_smile:

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Ok, reading through this makes sense, sort of. I need to sit down with it and try this, then I’ll get it.

Do you guys usually switch the parts via switching patterns? When I switch with the parts button, unless I hit yes at the exact moment it gets all messed up until the trig sequence restarts. I noticed when I switched parts via switching the patterns that lag or hiccup did not happen.

I pretty much always use pattern switch to change parts, I can’t even remember ever manually changing parts while in a pattern…

You can think of parts like kits on a drum machine, a collection of sounds/machines for your tracks, that’s what @matB was getting at. Usually you just have a kit assigned to a drum pattern and leave it be, and you usually don’t change drum kits mid pattern…


Ok, so as usual, I’ve been doing it backwards. Thanks guys.


You can probably do some pretty sweet stuff changing part within a pattern, but all the interactions must be meticulously thought out and programmed and the switch timed perfectly to come out of it with intended results. If not all sorts of crazy stuff might happen, you litteraly need to design and program the parts and pattern with the switch in mind…

Pattern switch to a different linked part is the standard way, part switch mid pattern is next level and really requires an advanced understanding of the machine to be able to tell what’s going to happen…

I suggest using pattern switch for part change, but for an example of the OTs flexibility, if you really wanted to switch to any part mid pattern and then switch to another pattern and use whatever part you just left, you would need 4 copies of the second pattern, one with each part loaded, and switch to the correct one depending on what part you were just using… I’m not recommending this, just sayin… :slight_smile:

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Recommendation not taken, LOL. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this backwards for 3 weeks, HAHA. Much easier this way. Stoked with this thing. I was freaked out when I first got it. And to think I have a RYTM coming in January too adds another element of WTF. But with my other gear, I was running out of options really, getting bored. I’m psyched to have this stuff. Thanks again guys.



So what happens when you get to part 5 and you already used the 4 parts in pattern 1,2,3,4 . My issue is after pattern 4 , if i assigned part 1 to pattern 5, it changes patter one. I tried using bank 2 for patter 5 and again part 1 and again still changed pattern one part 1 bank 1. HELP!!!

Four parts per bank. Organize them how it suits you best. A pattern is always linked to a part, but you can freely choose which part is used by which pattern. I´ve answered more detailed in the other thread where you posted the same question.