Parts with own arrangement


got my OT 3 days ago and to my surprise it wasn’t that complex after reading marlins guide I understand the difference between parts, pattern etc but one thing Im still confused about is the arrangement.

I know parts is above pattern and every pattern uses the same machines as their part so I use 4 different parts in every prj in order to make 4 different mini prjs(beats) in one prj.

The only problem I see is I can’t use different arrangements for the parts.
Is there a workaround to this ?

Thanks !

Parts are assigned to patterns, so just use patterns with those parts to use them in arranger. You can easily copy parts and patterns between banks, you can have 8 arrangements. Lets say you have a pattern with part 1 and you want to have it play with part 2, just copy the pattern and change the copied pattern to part 2.

it doesn’t work that way…when I change the pattern(parts) and open the arranger window the arrangement of the other pattern(parts) opens up and when I change things around it will change for all parts(patterns)…

EDIT: I think I found the solution…I have to change the arrangement in the ARR menu…
But I still have to change the arrangement manually every time I change the pattern…
does OT save the arrangement to the part, pattern or project?

EDIT: just checked the manual and the arrangement is saved under prj so what im trying to do is not possible…

I don’t quite get what you are trying to achieve, can you give an example forgetting about parts for a moment just tell me what musical result you are looking for - eg I want 8 songs each with their own sounds in memory.

You wrote “parts(patterns)” and “patterns(parts)” as if they’re interchangeable. This is not the case.

Parts are like a “kit” or a “patch for all the tracks”. They contain the Machine assignment for each track, all the default settings for all the pages (src/amp/lfo/fx etc), for both audio and MIDI tracks.

Patterns are a list of trigs and p-locks, across audio and MIDI tracks. Patterns are linked to one Part. The trigs in the Pattern cause the Machines defined by the Part to play/open/p-lock. You can change which Part is linked to a Pattern, which might be useful, but might not be, depending how you set the Parts up. (You have 256 Patterns per Project; you have 64 Parts per Project).

The Arranger plays Patterns. It doesn’t control Parts (as far as I remember). Also, Parts do not control the Arranger. The Arranger can hold 8 arrangements per Project.

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im trying to use the 4 different parts as 4 different beats with their own machines, bpm and samples and (arrangement).

  •  Patterns: store triggers and parameter locks .
  •  Parts store machines (+settings), effects (+settings), scenes, and track volumes.

Part 1 on pattern 1 got 4 different samples on T1-T4. bpm 78 and some trig locks etc
Part 2 on pattern 2 and 3 got 4 different samples on T1-T4. bpm 160 and some trig locks, scenes etc

When I change to pattern 1 , part 1 loads with the right bpm samples etc
When I change to pattern 2 or 3 part 2 loads with the right bpm and samples etc

NOW what im trying to do is to make an arrangement for the pattern.
Lets say I want pattern 1 start with a scene repeat twice and play the pattern one without the scene.
I will go top the ARR menu make a

row1 - pattern 1 - 2 repeats - 78 bpm - scene 9
row2 - pattern 1 - no repeats - 78 bpm - no scene
works fine !

Now I go to pattern 2 with part 2 and open up ARR menu and see the same arrangement from the other part. But this one got a different bpm and other scenes.

I have to make a new arrangement and save it as arrangement 2 but I have to switch between the arrangements manually otherwise when I load pattern 1 with part 1 and use the arranger and switch to pattern 2 the same arrangement from pattern 1 with the corresponding bpm etc loads.

I hope its more clear what im trying to do…

everything you wrote I know and understand what I didn’t know was that arrangements are saved to projects not parts or patterns so parts nor patterns can have their own arrangement.

Practically they can but you have to switch manually between arrangements when changing the pattern

Tempo is set for the Project, or per-Pattern, if you turn on that mode. Tempo is not set in the Part.

I used per pattern

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Gotcha. Yep, this is the way it has to be. The Arrangements are at the Project level.

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Ah so you want to live switch between arrangements? You can chain arrangements or, maybe better to put all the songs in 1 arrangement - if you set last row of each “song” to inf you can manually move to a different “song” or row - that should give you functionally what you are looking for if I understand correctly.


Thanks for your help but ideally I wanted 4 parts(songs) completely isolated from one another and its almost possible except for the arrangements…

There’s nothing stopping you from using just patterns from the same bank and assigned to the same part within an arrangement.

If arrangements would be bound to a single part by the system itself they would lose quite much flexibility otherwise (long arrangements using more than a single bank and mixing different parts would become impossible).