Pass Launchpad MIDI thru OT to slaved DT

I’m trying to create a MIDI routing where I can use the Launchpad Pro MK3 to send MIDI notes/triggers to DT while the DT is slaved to OT clock and transport. Essentially live record triggered DT samples into the OT while it’s all in sync. Would greatly appreciate any alternative setup ideas here! If I end up needing a midi in splitter, so be it

I’ve tried:

  • LP MIDI in to OT --> OT MIDI out to DT. LP MIDI channel is 11, OT auto channel is 11, while using a MIDI track to see if various channel numbers will send. No luck getting MIDI notes to DT here
  • LP MIDI in to OT --> OT MIDI THRU to DT. DT receives MIDI notes, but as expected no clock/transport from OT
  • Last ditch effort where OT MIDI out to LP --> LP out 2 is set to THRU and sent to DT MIDI IN. At the same time, LP out 1 is sent to OT with the same MIDI channel setup as above.

I’ve read the manual re: MIDI, the midi tutorial on 102. There are a few existing threads with similar questions but either slightly different use cases or incomplete info. A couple folks in the LPP mk3 thread offered suggestions, unfortunately no success yet.