Patch Bay Idea


I need some advice as I really don’t know if this would work of if this is the dumbest idea ever.

I have a Digitakt and an Octatrack. If I was to connect a mini patch bay to the Mixer output so that I could switch between sampling anything hooked up to the mixer from the Digitakt or the Octatrack or recording to the PC. ( I tend to do live recordings more than recording each track individually). I figure I don’t record when I sample. I was thinking of using this.

Good idea? Bad idea? Will I blow up everything?


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Should work fine.

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Awesome. Thanks.

What mixer are you using? Does it have alternative outputs?


I have an old Spirit Folio Rac Pac. I have C/room outputs that I added an RC-505 as a sort of global looper. The monitors come out of the RC-505.

I have the group output but then I lose all of the fx.