Pattern between tracks

Is A01 on T1 a different pattern to A01 on T2?

I am trying to make T1 = C chord, T2 = G

Pattern 1 T1 = 4 C chord type one trig lock on beginning of each bar to send chord to ext synth.
Pattern 1 T2 = 4 G chord types

hopefully I will be able to chain the patterns and record if the patterns are not individual per track then T2 will be pattern A03, A04

and so on.

I have looked at the 76 on wards but still unsure

I’m a new Octatrack owner so others please chime in if I’m wrong here, but my understanding is that a single pattern contains the sequencer/P-Lock data for all the tracks for all the steps of that particular pattern.

In the intervening period I copied the project and tried it and they are individual.

So I have T1 covering C chords with two patterns that gets me 8 chords.
Ive chained the two patterns which ive done using the arranger but i also got it by pressing Fn Pattern and holding both pattern A01 and A02.

When I press play the 8 chords are played on my external synth.

what I havnt figured out is how to: just get it to play the thing once, or how to record the sample with the recorder trig when two patterns are chained but I think I must be getting closer to the solution. its not for lack of looking at the manual either.

ok i figured it out as 16 seconds was sufficient length i used the one trig recording method to start to grab 16 seconds worth and the chaining took care of the pattern sequence.

So at first what seemed difficult was in fact easy.

how you getting on with yours Michael?