Pattern changes on tr-8s by octatrack

So I have just started using present changes in building a live set. And I want to be able to change patterns in the tr-8s using this control. I got my jd-xa to work. But having issues figuring out how to get the tr-8s to respond. After that will try to figure out how to get my boss gt-pro effects to do it.

Any insight is appreciated.

Just in the car right now (pulled over so don’t worry. Not texting and driving). I do have both an OT and TR8S. I haven’t got to a point where I want to send Program Change messages but IIRC you may need to enable a global setting in the TR8S to receive PC messages. Apart from that, I believe there is a full MIDI implementation that you can download from Roland regarding how to send PC messages. It may not respond to bank change messages though so it would be PC message 0 through 127 (confirmed) to select the pattern you want. I believe that’s how it is also done on my Roland SH01-A.

Yes I have the implementation chart but I am new to midi besides basic use. But yes I am aware of the internal settings needed to be changed also. I am just not sure on the octatrack side. I know there is an assignable pattern channel in the tr-8s but still just lost on this. By default roland has it at pattern channel 10 and kit channel 1. Ex Program chg set to on. I am unaware how to set the octatrack up to do it.

Are you wanting to know how to send a program change from the OT to the TR8S? Or just the configuration of it? I had the first question a couple of months ago; how to send a program change from the OT to any other MIDI device. I believe the OT will only send a program change when you change patterns? Or parts? I never did get it %100 sorted out. All I know is that you can’t just program a trig with a program change. It’s set at the pattern level I believe.

The workaround that I found, and have yet to do but I know it works, was to buy a MIDI processing device. Basically, I can take an unused CC and have the MIDI Event Processor change it to a program change message so I can send program changes whenever I want without having to change a pattern/part. There’s a few threads in the OT forum that go over it in better detail that I’ve done with this post though.

Yes and the configuration of it I got the octatrack to do it with my jd-xa works flawlessly. The tr-8s midi implementation is more confusing to me. It does not follow the same as the jd-xa does. So when I change a bank it jumps to corresponding patch on the jd-xa. I am setting up my live set so banks are new songs using certain sounds to make the transition smooth.
I love this machine and the fact I can do this is another great thing.

It was a only when you change parts or when you change banks as I am doing. I am looking for the actual configuration in the octatrack settings to get the tr-8s to respond. I know it is recieving midi from the octatrack ok as if I change the prog change midi channel it will recieve note data playing drums.

There are two ways for the OT to send MIDI Program Change messages:

  1. It can send whenever its pattern changes, but the Program Change value sent always matches the number of the new pattern (for example, A01 sends value 0, A16 sends value 15, B01 sends value 16 etc). The Program Change message is sent on the MIDI channel that you specify in the GLOBAL > MIDI > SYNC > PROG CH SEND channel setting.

  2. It can send whenever you change pattern to a pattern that is associated with a different Part. In this case the Program Change value can be any value that you like. You set the value and the desired MIDI channel number in one of the OT’s MIDI sequencer tracks.

On the TR-8S, you need to activate receipt of Program Change messages and set the MIDI channel number on which it will receive Program Change messages in the UTILITY > MIDI menu. The value of the Program Change message should correspond to the pattern number on the TR-8S.


Thank you I will try tonight again I think I got it.

I’m not the OP but can confirm these settings work, both 1. and 2. Thanks for your helpful response @PeterHanes!

I can also add, something I was wondering about, that program change sent to the TR-8S can change either Pattern or Kit. This depends on setting the midi channel of either Pattern or Kit to the midi channel you are sending Program Change on. This can be updated in the TR-8S under Utility->MIDI: Pattern Ch / Utility->MIDI: Kit Ch.

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