Pattern changes sound rushed

Guys, I am being abused by a track!

I’ve never had an issue like this one before and am pretty clueless as to what I can do. Basically, the pattern changes on this particular track sound incredibly rushed. It feels as if I’m just rushing through them to get to the end.

It’s so frustrating because I don’t understand whether it is a matter of the song structure, trig positions or something else entirely. I believe this thing has potential but after so many hours spent tinkering with it, I’m now on the edge of simply deleting it and moving on with my life :sob:

Here it is:

I’m open to any ideas, criticisms, etc.<3

If somebody asked me “what’s wrong with this track”, rushed pattern changes wouldn’t even be on the list. That’s not to say I have a list of things that are wrong with the track, it’s just nothing seems incredibly rushed about it to me. Don’t delete it.

After listening to the track twice, I really don’t feel like it’s ‘rushing’ through anything. Are you just having an internal battle with yourself with wanting more variations and longer phrasing per pattern? Have you considered the possibility that you may be your own worst critic in this instance? I know I do that to myself A LOT! I will stress over the smallest of things, but when I let someone else listen and critique, I come to find out I’m making mountains out of mole hills.

You have a good track. Don’t delete it. Move on to other tracks and pay this one a visit after some time away from it.

Really digging the sounds! Doesn’t feel rushed to me. Maybe the initial kick/snare drop could be built up a bit more? Taking some time away from it is always a good idea to gain a clear perception.

Yeh, Id agree its a weird comment. Something that probably makes total sense to you alone, though.

Id suggest just “jamming” on each pattern alone for an extended period of time, no transitions. Mute and unmute tracks, do things you wouldnt do, try to make it turn into something else (just save everything first). The other thing Ive found that helps flesh out open-ended sets is to try transitioning between patterns that you had not planned to transition - for example from intro to outro, or from outro to main chorus, etc. etc. that kind of thing… try to find a way to make that work and see if anything new comes out of it.

I will say that there is a lingering feeling of “missing out” in general when it comes to open-ended sets because there are so many possible ways for it to play out, and if you are a perfectionist it will mess with your head. Thats why whenever I get a strong feeling like that I consider it a “good” set and something that has possible longevity for quite a while. Something that can be played a number of different ways that are all more or less “good”.

Apply the same key that unlocks all things: practice, practice, practice.

Thanks a lot for the feedback guys! As suggested, I’ll move on to other tracks and sketches (still learning my ways around the Machinedrum) and will come back to this one later. :slight_smile:

Yeah I guess my problem is that I’m never fully satisfied with the end result and it certainly takes some fun out of creativity. Looking through the A4, you wouldn’t believe how many unfinished songs I have that I’ll probably never upload anywhere due to my own internal conflict telling me: this isn’t good enough.

Come to think of it, back in the days, I felt so much love for each and every track that I would rush through the recording and polishing process, eager to share my music with the rest of the world. However, lately, every time I would come back to listen to some of the older tracks, I’d feel such shame, literally wondering how anyone in their right mind would share this, and I guess I got too carried away and started internally hating every bit of my music. :slight_smile:

I’m now going to try to find some middle ground and learn to objectively observe my music, gotta keep the relationship healthy. :smiley:

Gotta say, I’m super glad to be a part of this community!