Pattern changes via external device?

I was trying to do some pattern change jamming last night and it was a huge PITA to try and do pattern changing with one hand while handling mutes with the other. My timing sucks. Is there a way to use an external controller or something to do pattern changes at the touch of a button? I’d love, for example, to set up my novation remote to have 8 buttons linked to different patterns. Then I don’t need to do the FUNC+X on the DN (or DT).

Of course. Anything that can send MIDI Program Change messages is a candidate. Some people use MIDI foot pedal controllers in order to keep both hands free.

What other gear (controllers, sequencers, pedals, processors) do you have that can send MIDI Program Change messages?

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Damn. I have no idea. Haha. I have a Keystep, OT, DT, and Remote Zero. I guess I should look to see if the Remote Zero can have its buttons programed for PC. Damn, Hanes, you’re an epic human being.

Have you tried ‘chain after’ ? Set that to 64 and you have 4 bars until the pattern changes. Means you can change patterns ahead of time, and focus on other things.

You can set it to what ever you want. Depending on the device of course.

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Hi, Peter,
I’m struggling too to find the program changes cc parameters. Maybe I’m becoming blind, or it’s too late, but if you could help me, I would appreciate it a lot. I’m programming my Electra One Midi controller for hours now, so maybe it’s fatigue too.
My Elektron gear: Digitakt, Digitone, A4 Mk2, M:S, M:C.
And Moog Sirin and DSI Mopho are even worse… :slight_smile: Apparently it’s even impossible on Sirin.

All the gear you mention can be set to change its pattern or patch in response to MIDI Program Change messages, not CC messages.

The Electra One’s documentation says that its pads can send this message. Look for a label that says “PROGRAM”.

The Remote Zero SL MkII units, at least, can be programmed to send PC messages from their buttons and drum pads.

From the manual:

you can use a button to select a single program/patch, toggle between two different programs/ patches or step through a whole bank of programs/patches on repeated presses

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Sure, I got so far indeed, but actually I didn’t find a way to change presets by ‘scrolling’. I can create static buttons to a specific program, but I can not scroll from one to another. But don’t bother, actually it makes me make up my mind at the start now which presets I will use. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your reply. Maybe tomorrow (it’s 2 am here now), my mind will work again. :slight_smile:

This seems like a frustrating limitation of the current firmware of the Electra One.