Pattern editor?

I’m pretty sure this is impossible according to the manual, but is there a way to edit patterns via MIDI ?
I’d love to make an editor in Max/MSP to edit several tracks graphically.

I don’t know about that but you can make patterns in a DAW or sequencer and then live record them into the Elektron sequencer…
Minus plocks and all that, but it’s something… :slight_smile:

Thanks, i was thinking of doing this. I’ll give it a try.
Will it record parameter locks if i drive the parameters with their respective CCs ?

Ya know, I’m not sure if that works and/or how reliable it is with notes happening at the same time?
I’ve never tried, it’s worth a shot… :slight_smile:

So i gave it a try.
Using the USB port in Ableton Live 10. Sending CCs from Live and hit live recording on the DT. It kind of works. It indeed records parameter locks.
For now i tried automating the Algorithm since it’s 8 choices, it seemed like a good balance between complexity and simplicity.
Some steps are missed sometimes. Some trigless trigs are added while the computer sends no different cc?
Notes are perfectly recorded.


Edit :
It seems more reliable than what i said previously. Previously, in Live, i was using one track for notes and the other for ccs. With everything in the same track, the result seem better. No mistake in my tests for now.



Does it record cc’s on top of note trigs?
Does it record more than one cc on a trig or trigless lock?
Curious… :thinking:

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You mean if i have a sequence running on the DT and then i send only ccs from Live ?
I’ll try in a minute.

I’m just wondering if it can live record more than one midi event at the same time…

Like if you send it a note and a cc at the same time does it make one trig with a note and a cc lock?
Or if you send two cc’s at the same time, will it put them both on one trigless lock?

Thanks for checking if you do, no worries if ya don’t…

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It does record the note and several parameter locks at the same time. I need to correct you, to be precise, it’s recording a parameter lock related to the parameter driven by a given cc number, but not the cc itself.
Further investigation made me discover that it seems that the cc value must change for it to be recorded as a parameter lock.
If my assumption is right, i might write a Max for Life patch that would allow proper recording of notes + parameter locks at the same time.
That would be quite exciting.


Nice, that’s great… I’m glad it works that way, thanks for checking…
Yeah your right, I meant parameter lock (made by cc), always good to be clear…