Pattern generator presets and community uploads?

Hi everyone,

I recently picked up a SPS-1 UWII and getting my head around it slowly :slight_smile:

I havent factory resetted it yet which I may do (and would have to reload some of the samples I’m guessing) but I’m finding a lot of weird and unusable saved patterns… again not sure if thats from factory of if the last user had it. eg. theres no basic house or disco patterns that i would have expected as default.

Can anyone point me to any community uploads or something for saved patterns? Or is it up to me to just create those and save?

Thanks for your time!

You’re probably aware that a Factory Reset will revert the MD to its original state. If there are any patterns or samples in the MD that you want to keep then make sure to back them up to a computer before the Factory Reset.

If you search in the “Files” section you will find some patterns that forum members have uploaded. No doubt a web search will turn up many more.

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ah excellent just flicking through the Files section now. Thanks!!