Pattern/kit sysex manager?

:confused: Why would they not include that information in the manual for the newer models? That sort of thing really irritates me, many synth companies (not just Elektron) have a really lazy approach to documentation these days and treat the manual as an annoying afterthought.

ok, that work flow is what I figured. I wanted to try to create a supplemental touchscreen interface that automatically updated. The thing I fear is that in-opportune traffic can delay the midi sync clock. I can’t think now, but maybe there is an easy button to hit that emits a midi message but does not effectively change the sound. Some kind of update button on the A4 that tells the interface to query and update.

Also, any work on updating support for the AR?

yep, totally on the AR now :]

MIDI realtime bytes (clock, transport) are sent interspersed with the sysex,
so the clock is never blocked… but channel voice messages like notes & CCs are blocked and must wait until the sysex is done…

well if you send sysex & clock you’ll have to do the interspersing yourself… haven’t bothered with that

The idea is to have the A4 and AR connected to a computer via USB and the devices connected to each other via midi cable for clock and transport. The computer only being used for visualization and parameters. Would the sysex messages being sent across devices break anything?

Any updates on sysex for the AR?