Pattern Monentarily Cuts Out When Changing Parts

Hey there guys,

I wondered if anyone can help me with the following issue? When changing parts, an individual pattern can sometimes briefly cut out for a moment before coming back in again. Sometimes the pattern audio is lost for a few beats. As you can imagine, this is deeply frustrating when a kick drops out. Am I doing something silly? Does anyone have any ideas how I can improve this?

Thanks for reading.

Are you sure the PS connection is solid, and it’s truly caused by software parts changing? This sounds like something to videotape and send to Elektron support - never heard of such a problem before.

Nevermind: I’m drunk and read this as: Power Momentarily Cuts Out When Changing Parts (kids: don’t drink and surf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Hah, no problem, but I think I could’ve explained my issue slightly better.

So, it’s definitely not a power issue. Rather, when changing parts, there seems to be something wrong with audio tracks. In the example given, I mention that a can sometimes loose the kick for a couple of beats when swapping parts - but not every time, it appears to happen intermittently. I’ve tested I further, and it seems that Thru machines are not effected and that the problem only seems to occur with Static and Flex Machines.

Has anyone else had this?

Oh, I appear to have worked it out! I wasn’t assigning the the parts to individual patterns. Now I’ve done that it seems to work fine with no audio tracks dropping out.